2018 Hands-on Training in Patent Search Techniques (Bangalore)

Hands-on Training in Patent Search Techniques
Jointly Organized by Origiin IP Academy (OIPA), Bangalore and E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati

June 21–23, 2018
Jain University Campus
Jayanagar, 9th Block
Bengaluru, Karnataka-560069



Patent Search can be defined as a process to identify right kind of patents or patent application for a specific purpose and analyze the results. Identification of right prior art using right techniques is the skill and needs lots of experience and practice to learn. In this course you will learn fundamental Patent Search Technique with help of lots of practical examples and case studies. Further, you will learn how to use your search results to perform novelty search, FTO, validation search as well as Patent Landscape.

Target Audience

Programme is open to Faculty Members, Research Scholars, PG & UG Students, Lab Technicians and Project Staffs from Universities, Colleges & Schools. Industry Personnel working in the concerned/allied discipline may also apply.

Course Coordinators

  • Prof. Ratnajit Bhattacharjee, Principal Investigator, E&ICT Academy, IIT-G
  • Dr. Gaurav Trivedi, Co-Principal Investigator, E&ICT Academy, IIT-G
  • Dharini Dinesh, Coordinator, Origiin IP Academy LLP, Bangalore

Experts from Industry

  • Dr. S. Rama Murthy, Senior Advisor, Origiin IP Solutions LLP
  • Bindu Sharma, CEO, Origiin IP Solutions LLP
  • Priyadharshini V.M., Senior Patent Analyst, Origiin IP Solutions LLP
  • Tanu Singh, Patent Analyst, Origiin IP Solutions LLP

Course Outcome

The participants will be given a thorough understanding of the following topics:

  • Understanding inventions and identification of novel elements
  • Identification of right key words and search by key work, IPC classification, Assignee name and so on
  • Analysis of search results and compiling these results in right way to assess novelty and patentability of the invention
  • Infringement analysis and FTO
  • Technology landscape
  • Invalidation/validation search
  • Analysis of prior art and writing reports