2019 TI:GER Innovation Conference (Emory Law)

2019 TI:GER® (Technological Innovation Generating Economic Results) Innovation Conference
Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Knowledge Management

Thursday, March 28, 2019, 8:30 AM–12:30 PM EDT
Emory University School of Law
1301 Clifton Road
Tull Auditorium
Atlanta, GA 30322



The Innovation Conference brings together professionals from law, business, and engineering to discuss innovative approaches and current trends in technology commercialization.

This year’s theme is the business and legal implications of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. The Conference will open with a public debate about the ethical and societal implications as well as the policies and laws for the responsible use of AI. In addition, we will explore specific topics concerning AI and data privacy, handling bias and the specificity/sensitivity of AI systems, the difference between AI & machine learning, the various use cases for AI, and the legal implications such as patenting AI-invented innovations.